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About us

Medalleros® MM is a company young and innovative, located in the province of Valencia (Spain). We arise as a result of realizing the absence in the market for a product that would allow athletes to expose all those medals in drawers, punctured in the wall or, as in many cases, Hung and piled up in the treetops.

Now Medalleros® MM It offers you a product suitable for the exposure of your medals, that will be to the view perfectly placed, with his legend in the bottom, and so not having to turn to check to test or Championship belong.

So it cost a good sneaker or a sports Kit, you offer several models of our catalogue. We invite you to visit our store and get to know the two lines of medalleros that we have at present . Medalleros® MM is a product patented.

Our medalleros are designed primarily for the exhibition of sports medals, may be also used for any other, as military or other trophies and awards. In Medalleros MM® have the certainty of having designed the best system for the exhibition of medals. Manufactured by craftsmen cabinet-makers, made with top quality materials, mostly hardwoods: Oak and Walnut (U.S.A.), Sipo y Sapelli (Equatorial Africa) and there is (Romania and Yugoslavia) our online classic, and FIR, pine and ayous or samba, our online 2000.

The medals are suspended in Mini exhibitors® individual removable, locked the tape by an elastic clamping lodged in his back, without causing you any type of damage, leaving look by the part preceding a fragment of this, It tends to be very significant. The whole is framed, with the name of the athlete engraved in metal at the bottom.

The result is an exhibition for all those medals so much effort involved to win, and at the same time elegant detail in any environment.

Models vary in size depending on their ability to, them there is that reserved a space for photographs commemorative, and optionally HD LED screen for photos and video playback, music, clock and calendar function. The information is entered via USB or SD by the part rear, all controlled by remote control at distance, ( only in the classic line).

All our medalleros are manufactured in Valencia (Spain), with a delivery time of five to seven days, (Depending on the model), Since formalizing the order to delivery.

In Medalleros MM® we are constantly developing new models to expand to our catalog. If you have any questions or want more information about our products, contact us via e-mail or telephone.

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